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WHAT these expressive faces can do and say

Whatever you want them to.

Consider this. Conventional clocks have limitations - each is only capable of a single, never-changing facial expression. No matter how eye-catching that expression may be at first glance, it becomes less so over time. It’s just the way it is - the clock hangs on the wall and as more time passes chances are it will turn into a wallflower or be replaced by a new clock with a different, permanently affixed facial expression, and the cycle begins again. It’s easy to see why clocks are often overlooked, and rarely considered as gifts!

Expect more. Faceplates and the V-ZA-V face-changing clock make it possible to do so much more with your time. Imagine if the clocks you have now were V-ZA-V face-changing clocks. Your clock faces would be removable and interchangeable with other removable clock faces - in no time at all - simply by lifting out one and dropping in another.

Faceplates® - an entirely new product category. Since the faces are removable, no facial expression is impractical. Even something as time sensitive as a calendar, which would definitely be impractical as a clock’s permanently affixed face, is viable as a removable clock face. In fact, inserting a monthly calendar into the V-ZA-V face-changing clock creates a dynamic and useful presentation. At a glance, you can tell (a lot of) time, namely: the second, minute, hour, day, month, and year. Even a daily calendar - with a shelf life of 24 hours - is viable as a removable clock face, and a practical alternative to a time-honored office product, the conventional day-to-day calendar.

Maybe you need inspiration or your wall feels a bit drab or you’re feeling nostalgic for a treasured moment in time - go ahead and express yourself faceface.

Faceplates® - an entirely new product category

While removable and interchangeable clock faces represent an entirely new product category, these faceplates® have much in common with many of the most familiar and ubiquitous products we see every day, in additional to calendars. It’s easy to imagine clock faces replicating the graphics from:

• decals

• stickers

• bumper stickers

• political pins

• trading cards

• postcards

• greeting cards

What each of these products has in common is the ability to convey messages, provide information, and oftentimes, say something about us; and as with posts on social media, these printed products have a limited shelf life - we discard them or store them away as a memory, which make faceplates a natural extension.

Faceplates - Perfect for Personalizing and Customizing

It’s easy to personalize most anything these days:

• T-shirts and hoodies

• baseball caps

• thermos and mugs

• tote bags

It’s easy to imagine any message you’d see on one of these products as a personalized or customized faceplate. Yes, we know personalized clocks are widely available, but remember as with any mass-produced conventional clock, the clock face of a conventional personalized or customized clock only has one permanently affixed clock face. The V-ZA-V face-changing clock can have any number of removable personalized and customized clock faces - and the price or the V-ZA-V face-changing clock is comparable to personalized clock with a face that isn’t removable or interchangeable.

Faceplates® - an entirely new product category

While these removable and interchangeable clock faces represent a first in the long history of timepiece innovations, many of the designs - impractical as clock faces until now - will be very familiar from other media, such as decals, bumper stickers, political pins and placards, greeting cards, post cards, posters, even calendars. What each of these every-day products has in common with faceplates is the ability to convey messages, provide information, and often times, say something about us; and as with posts on social media, these printed products have a limited shelf - we discard them or store them away as a memory. Who would do that with a clock?

Times change, why not clock faces

What once was relevant can become less so with the passage of time. Occasions we’re looking forward to, invariably become part of the past. Styles change, opinions change, but until now the one thing that hasn’t been able to change is the face of a clock.

Any time of day, any day of the week — regardless of the season — a clock’s face never changes. Whenever you glance at a clock, It’s face is stuck in time, incapable of ever making a different facial expression, no matter whether you’re having a great day or you’re down in the dumps; celebrating a special occasion or needing something to make you smile. This just isn’t right! So we set of to change it.

And after a lot of time working on it, we’ve figured out how

With our revolutionary V-ZA-V clock you can change faces whenever you want, in no time at all. It’s quick and easy - simply drop one of the patented faceplates® through the clock’s opening and voila! you’ve changed your clock’s appearance. (The clock can hold up to four faceplates - one in front of another.) The faceplate is easy to remove by lifting it out by holding its black tab.